Tandang Sora

Tandang Sora Memorial Shrine

This sculpture was finished in 1972 by Florante “Boy” Beltran Caedo, son to the pillar of Philippine sculpture, Anastacio T. Caedo.  The shrine was unveiled in January 6, 1973.  The process used was grade A concrete casting with marble dust and chips.  This style is a combination of 3-dimension on the central figures and bas relief on the background panels.  Twenty artisans and apprentices helped the sculptor.  It took a year and a half to finish.  Models for the central figures were HPI Park laborers who are direct descendants of the heroine and other staff members while others are original compositions.

The shrine captured in full the humanity, warmth and unbounded love of this great Filipina for her co-Filipinos.  Tandang Sora’s face – her wrinkled forehead, her knit eyebrows, the sadness in her eyes, her mouth – all capture in vivid detail the deep concern she had for her countrymen.


After 42 years, Tandang Sora’s remains was officially transferred to the Tandang Sora shrine at Banlat Road during the bicentennial celebration

(200 years) of her birth date on January 6, 2012.



(Note: the following is for the other half of the shrine)


“THE ARREST OF TANDANG SORA” BY THE Spanish Guardia Civil prior to her exile to Guam.


Affectionately called “Tandang Sora” by the Katipuneros whom she helped with her services and donations of food and supplies during the revolution against Spain, Melchora Aquino was born in Banlat, Caloocan, now a part of Quezon City, on January 6, 1872.


Aware of her activities, the Spanish Guardia Civil pursued her to Novaliches, where she and her family had sought refuge, following the advice of Andres Bonifacio.  She was arrested and deported to Guam in 1896 by the Spanish Governor-General.  Returning from exile in 1899, she died on February 20, 1919.


On January 6, 1970 – the 158th anniversary of her birth and fifty one years after her death, her remains were transferred to where her home in the forest once was. Beneath the monument built in her honor is what is now the Tandang Sora Memorial Shrine.